GLOWA JR Products

Here you can find information about the policy relevant results of the project.

The spatial results of the project are getting compiled in the GLOWA Jordan River Atlas.

On the one hand you can take a look at our GLOWA JR first Briefings series (2009/10) or at GLOWA JR second Briefings series (2013), which present relevant scientific results of the project concerning the effects of climate, global and regional change in the Jordan River basin.

On the other hand you can read our policy relevant Indicators. These are specific results about Climate, Land use, Ecology, Agriculture and Hydrology useful for further work on sustainable water and land management in the Jordan River basin.

You also can “walk” around our Marketplace of GLOWA JR tools, models & approaches.

GLOWA JR ecosystem management expert system: Find out how “your” ecosystem responds to grazing, fire and/or removal of trees and/or shrubs.

Management of Water in the Jordan Basin 2010: The views expressed in this article are based on interviews with selected experts in Israel, Jordan and Palestine, but they are the responsibility of the authors alone.

The GLOWA JR Scenario Exercise Summary Report 2011

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