Water management tool

WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning Tool)
is the central application tool in the project. It integrates many different scientific results. Its central aim is to transfer the scientific project results into application. The WEAP applications reproduce the water system in the Jordan River Basin on the supply side as well as the demand side. Thus, they allow comprehensive testing of joint-management options of green and blue water resources and trade-off analyses including allocation of water from irrigated agriculture to rain-fed land use (e.g. open space, rain-fed crops, rainwater harvesting). Furthermore, WEAP addresses conjunctive surface and groundwater management by incorporating the groundwater model MODFLOW. Regional stakeholders are closely involved in WEAP development to meet local demands and guarantee the regional implementation of the tool. WEAP is therefore predestined to support regional water planners in analyzing management options and water allocation schemes to apply an effective water management under global change. This makes WEAP a key water management tool in the Jordan River Region beyond GLOWA JR.

See Project 1.2: WEAP analysis

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