1.1: Scenario analysis of water management strategies

The aim of the GLOWA JR scenario exercise is to develop and analyze scenarios of different water and land management strategies to cope with global and regional change. Scenario storylines on regional development have been developed under decisive participation of stakeholders and other experts from Israel, Jordan and Palestine in phase two of GLOWA JR. The project will be continued by developing and analyzing scenarios for integrated water and land resource management which will build on the regional development scenarios. This scenario exercise will be guided by three questions:
1. The “New Water” Question: How can various “new” water sources contribute to future water resource needs of the region?
2. The “Land Use” Question: To what extent can land use planning contribute to sustainable water management under different scenarios?
3. The “Climate Extreme” Question: What will be the effect of climatic extremes on the regional water balance and sustainable management of water resources in the region?

Please find here the Summary Report 2011 of the GLOWA Jordan River scenario exercise.

Fig.: Scenario logics of the GLOWA JR Scenarios of Regional Development under Global Change

Subproject Coordinators: Karl-Heinz Simon & Janina Onigkeit, University of Kassel

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