1.2: WEAP Analysis

The Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) tool was chosen for application of GLOWA JR results in the Jordan River basin, because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface and transparent data structure and its integrative approach to water (and land) management.

GLOWA scientists together with stakeholders from Palestine, Jordan and Israel have developed conceptual WEAP models and initial WEAP representations of the regional and sub-basin water systems (Upper Jordan River WEAP, Western and Eastern Lower Jordan River WEAP) and integrated into these models data from different GLOWA JR sub-projects. Right now we address real water management and planning questions. Our overaching question is: how can green and blue water be allocated and managed sustainably and cost effectively, to meet the growing demands in the Jordan River region, in the Upper and Lower Jordan River under different GLOWA JR scenarios?

For more information read Briefing 02 and the WEAP-Presentations of the Statusconference 2010.

Fig.: Integration of the regional WEAP within GLOWA JR.

Subproject Coordinators: Holger Hoff, Stockholm Environment Institute & Christopher Bonzi, University of Tübingen

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