Project 2: New water

This project deals with the basic question, “What is the potential for new (blue) sources of water to address current and future needs of people and ecosystems in the region?” This information will be integrated in the project in two ways: (i) as a part of the SAS scenarios of strategies, (ii) as part of the regional water balances and management scenarios computed and analyzed by WEAP.

The following new water options will be analyzed country by country in order to evaluate the differences in importance:
1) Water Transfers – preliminary evaluation of different water transfer schemes including Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal (including side-impacts), water transfers from Turkey, and other proposals (including preliminary estimates of their side-impacts).
2) Desalination – evaluation of its potential, costs and side-effects.
3) Wastewater reuse - the volume and quality of usable wastewater, costs and side-effects are estimated.
4) Water demand and demand management – future water use in the domestic, irrigation, livestock and other sectors and potential water savings in all water use sectors are estimated.

Subproject Coordinators: Christopher Bonzi (University of Tübingen) & Janina Onigkeit (University of Kassel)

Design by noname designs.