Project 3: Green water management

Water and land interactions in agricultural and natural systems

This project focuses on the management of green water -the water stored in plants and soils- via land use management. I is comprised on studies dealing with global change effect on agriculture (P3.2, P3.3, P3.4), natural ecosystems (P3.1) and associated ecosystem services (P3.2) and land use optimization models (P3.3).

Project 3.1: Climate and land use change effects on natural and semi-natural ecosystems and their feedback on the hydrological system

Project 3.2: Assessing the socioeconmic benefits of ecological system services and their integration into models of optimal land-use under climate change

Project 3.3: Integrated modelling of land-use change and environmental impacts

Project 3.4.1: Water productivity in agriculture

Project 3.4.2: Regional based land evaluation for effluent reuse

Design by noname designs.