Project 4: Climate and Hydrology

This project deals with the refinement of regional climate change scenarios in the Jordan River area and with analyses of current and future hydrological conditions in the Lower Jordan River Basin (LJRB). It investigates the impact from land-use and climate change and assesses mitigation options in order to optimize water use and water availability on different scales. The major aim is to translate hydrological information from various scales (including current conditions and scenarios) into a regional WEAP model to produce sound options for water management. Thereby, the coupled hydrological model TRAIN-ZIN serves as principal tool, developed in the previous project phase. Important aspects are the analysis of hydrological droughts as well as possible new water sources, since this information is of major interest to the stakeholders.

Project 4.1: Regional climate scenarios

Project 4.2: Impact of envirionmental change on water resources in the lower Jordan River

Project 4.3: Rainwater harvesting, managed aquifer recharge and sustaining environmental baseflow

Project 4.4: Soft coupling of WEAP and TRAIN-ZIN for conjunctive green/blue water management in the lower jordan river

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