Project 4.4: Conjunctive green/blue water management in the lower Jordan River

Soft coupling of WEAP and TRAIN-ZIN

The results of the hydrological models will be available to the stakeholders via the WEAP tool. In order to improve the integration between the TRAIN-ZIN model and the WEAP tool, transient data exchange at predefined nodes of the channel network is implemented in this subproject. The goal is to generate a WEAP-TRAIN-ZIN modelling system to simulate water management options and feedbacks to the water balance. While WEAP allows for scenarios of management decisions regarding water use, the TRAIN-ZIN provides the components of the water balance. This modelling tool is ready to model water management scenarios requested by other subprojects. Soft coupling is realized in two scales: With a local WEAP set up in the Wadi Faria catchment and a regional WEAP model for the Lower Jordan River.

Subproject coordinators: Jens Lange, University of Freiburg and Lucas Menzel, University of Heidelberg

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