Vegetation Model

We use a cascade of four spatially explicit models to study the impact of climate change on the vegetation in the Jordan River catchment.
At the finest resolution, 1 cm2, we simulate the daily growth of individual annual plants or their seed bank. This model accounts for competition among individuals and detailed water dynamics. At a resolution of 1 dm2 we simulate the annual growth of dwarf shrubs. The results of these two models are integrated in WADISCAPE, a landscape model with 25 m2 resolution and including additionally the dynamics of shrubs and trees.
Wadiscape is used to simulate the vegetation and water dynamics and their effects on the carrying capacity of lifestock and erosion in landscape fragments. The results of WADISCAPE will feed into a GIS-based model of small watersheds. By using this cascading approach validated information from a few square centimetres can be scaled up to the area of watersheds.

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