GLOWA JR at “The Cost of Adaptatin to Climate Change”

posted by cornelia on 17.10.2011.

On November 1st, 2011, the Natural Resource & Environmental Research Center, University of Haifa, organizes a Conference on “The Cost of Adaptation to Climate Change”

GLOWA JR is going to present its results at the following lecture:
Iddo Kan, Jonathan Kaminsky & Aliza Fleischer: Targeting climate change adaptation measures in vegetative agriculture through an economic analysis of the agricultural land use.

Abstract: This article proposes a proactive approach for analyzing agricultural adaptation to climate change based on a structural land-use model wherein farmers maximize profit by allocating their land between crop-technology bundles. The profitability of the bundles is a function of four technological attributes via which climate variables’ effect is channeled: yield potential; input requirements; yields’ sensitivity to input use; and farm-level management costs. Proactive adaptation measures are derived by identifying the technological attributes via which climate variables reduce overall agricultural profitability, despite adaptation by land reallocation among bundles. By applying the model to Israel, we find that long-term losses stem from yield potential reductions driven by forecasted increases in temperature, implying that adaptation efforts should target more heat-tolerant crop varieties and technologies.

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