Hydrological modeling

simulates the water balance in high temporal and spatial resolution, including: overland flow generation, water percolation, channel transmission losses, wadi runoff and the potential of rainwater harvesting in the entire lower Jordan River catchment.

HYMKE (HYdological Model for Karst Environment)
simulates stream flow of the upper Jordan River catchments (Dan, Hermon and Snir Subcatchments). The model is the major tool for future studies of the upper Jordan River catchment´s hydrology since it takes into account the karstic nature of the Hermon region.

LSM (Lake Salinity Model)
simulates the annual changes in the salinity of Lake Kinneret, based on predicted water and solute inflows, evaporation, and planed outflows.

LEM ( Lake Evaporation Model)
simulates the daily evaporation from Lake Kinneret, based on predicted air temperature, relative humidity, short and long wave radiation and wind speed.

WaSiM (Water Flow and Balance Simulation Model)
simulates the vertical and lateral water fluxes at the surface, the unsaturated subsurface and the saturated subsurface. It is a distributed model and provides for every grid cell information, e.g., on evapotranspiration, infiltraton, surface runoff, and groundwater flow. It comprises the subcatchments of the Hasbani, Dan, Banias and Hermon river ( upper Jordan River catchment).

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