Socio economic models and valuation of ecosystem services

Valuation of recreational benefits
This is associated with open space, agricultural land and rangeland under climate change. The monetary value of the utility the local population accrue from the landscape of grazing land, different agricultural crops and rangeland was evaluated.

Valuation of ecosystem services
Valuation of ecosystem services, beyond the direct benefits to society from demanded environmental goods and services (valued by the models mentioned above), are estimated using the ENVGROWTH model, a macroeconomic growth model that incorporates climate change impacts on the ecosystem services, and the EBIOVALUE, an additional Microeconomic model that links between climate change, land use and biodiversity economic value.

VALUE (Vegetative Agricultural Land Use Economic)
simulates the land and water allocations needed to maximize farming profit under given climate and regional change conditions for Israel.

Palestinian Farming System Model
simulates the prognoses of the impacts from changes in water, climate and regional development on the economic performance of agricultural activities and their socio-economic consequences (e.g., prize of cultivated land and water for agricultural use, type of crops to be produced, use of treated wastewater). It also calculates the shadow prices of land and water.

Jordanian Farming System Model
the same as the Palestinan Farming System Model but for Jordan.

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