3.3 Land use change and environmental impacts

Integrated modelling

The research of this subproject aims at supporting the comparison and evaluation of the GLOWA JR scenarios outcomes as well as the development of strategies for a more sustainable use of land and water resources. For this purpose the land-use system model LandSHIFT which has been adapted to the study region in the last phase will be linked more closely to the economic and hydrological models employed within the project. First objective is to compute integrated land use scenarios with a spatial resolution of 1×1 km as basis for an assessment of the impacts on ecosystem services and water demands by the major land use activities. Moreover LandSHIFT is used to calculate maps of the maximum spatial extent of irrigated and rain-fed agriculture as well as the use of treated wastewater in irrigated agriculture for the different scenarios in order to assess shifts in the development potential for these land use activities.

For more information read Briefing 05

Subproject Coordinators: Dr. Rüdiger Schaldach & Jennifer Koch, University of Kassel

Design by noname designs.