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Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Geophysics and Planetary Science, Tel-Aviv, 69978, Israel

Alpert, Pinhas, Prof. -> mailto:pinhas [at] cyclone [period] tau [period] ac [period] il

Coordination point towards the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports (MOS).

+972–3−6405722 P0.3, P1.1, P4.1
Price, Colin, Prof. -> mailto:cprice [at] flash [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6405689 P0.3
Krichak, Simon, Prof. -> mailto:shimon [at] cyclone [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6408644 P4.1
Samuels, Rana, Dr. -> mailto:ranas [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6409120 P1.1
Shafir, Haim -> mailto:chai [at] cyclone [period] tau [period] ac [period] il
Technical support for Prof. P. Alpert.
+972–3−6405205 P0.3, P4.1
Stup, Amnon, Dr. -> mailto:amnons [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6405205 P0.3
Hirsch, Tali -> mailto:hirschta [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6409120 P4.1
Jin, Fengjun -> mailto:fengjin [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6409120 P4.1
Breitgand, Josef -> mailto:josephbr [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6405692 P4.1
Zur, Neta -> mailto:netatsur [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972–3−6405692 P4.1

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, D.N. Hevel Eilot 88840, Israel

Lipchin, Clive -> mailto:clivearava [at] gmail [period] com +972 528 964 992 P1.2
Lutman, Abby -> mailto:aravasouth [at] gmail [period] com P1.2
Chen, Assaf -> mailto:assafchen [at] gmail [period] com P1.2

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Wyler Department of Dryland Agriculture, Sede Boqer Campus, 84990, Israel

Ben Asher, Jiftah, Prof. -> mailto:benasher [at] bgu [period] ac [period] il +972 8 6472002 P4.3
Berliner, Pedro, Prof. -> mailto:berliner [at] bgumail [period] bgu [period] ac [period] il +972 8 6596755 P3.4.1, P4.3
Arazi, Adiz, Dr. -> mailto:adarazi [at] bgu [period] ac [period] il 972–8−6563471 P3.4.1, P4.3
Peters, Aviva, Dr. -> mailto:apeters [at] bgu [period] ac [period] il P3.4.1, P4.3

Galilee Technology Center (MIGAL),, Research Group Limnology and Ecology of Wetlands and Freshwater, P.O. Box 831, Kiryat-Shmona, 11016, Israel

Gophen, Moshe, Prof. -> mailto:gophen [at] migal [period] org [period] il +972 4 6953522 P1.2

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Management, P.O. Box 12, Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Fleischer, Aliza, Dr. -> mailto:fleische [at] agri [period] huji [period] ac [period] il +972 8 9489144 P3.2
Kaminski, Jonathan, Dr. -> mailto:kaminski [period] jonathan [at] gmail [period] com PostDoc P3.2, P3.3
Kan, Iddo, Dr. -> mailto:kan [at] nrem [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il P3.3

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Geography, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, 91905, Israel

Grodek, Tamir, Dr. -> mailto:t [period] grodek [at] gmail [period] com +972 2 5881442 P5
Morin, Efrat P5

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Dept. of Soil and Water Sciences, P.O. Box 12, Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Chen, Yona, Prof. -> mailto:yonachen [at] agri [period] huji [period] ac [period] il +972 8 9489234 P3.4
Tarchitzky, Jorge, Dr. -> mailto:tarchitz [at] agri [period] huji [period] ac [period] il +972 509511453 P3.4

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Science and Genetics in Agrigulture, P.O. 12, Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Kigel, Jaime, Prof. -> mailto:kigel [at] agri [period] huji [period] ac [period] il +972 8 481916 P3.1.1
Konsans, Irit, Dr. -> mailto:konsans [at] agri [period] huji [period] ac [period] il P3.1.1
Sogavker, Udi -> mailto:udi [period] sogavker [at] mail [period] huji [period] ac [period] il P3.1.1

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, The Lake Kinneret Limnological Laboratory,, P.O. Box 447, Migdal, 14950, Israel

Rimmer, Alon, Dr. -> mailto:alon [at] ocean [period] org [period] il +972 4 6721444 P1.2
Lechinski, Yury -> mailto:yuryl [at] ocean [period] org [period] il +972 4 6721444 ext. 223 P1.2

STAV-GIS Ltd., Rakefet, 20175 MP Misgav, Israel.

Salinger, Yigal, Dr. -> mailto:yigal [at] stav-gis [period] com +972 4 9990066 P1.2
Denisyuk, Misha -> mailto:misha [at] stav-gis [period] com +972 4 9990065 P1.2
Sade, Rotem -> mailto:rotem [at] stav-gis [period] com +972 4 9990065 P1.2

Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants, Tel-Aviv, 69978, Israel

Sternberg, Marcelo, Dr. -> mailto:marcelos [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972 3 6405877 P3.1.2
Lebrija-Trejos, Edwin, Dr. -> mailto:elebrija [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il

post doc student

Harrel, Danny -> mailto:harel_danny [at] yahoo [period] com

PhD student


Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Zoology, Tel-Aviv, 69978, Israel

Dayan, Tamar, Prof. -> mailto:dayant [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il +972 3 6409024 P3.1.3
Steinitz, Hadas -> mailto:hadassc [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il

PhD Student

+972 3 6407159 P3.1.3
Tamar, Marcus -> mailto:tamarma7 [at] post [period] tau [period] ac [period] il

MSc Student

+972 3 6407159 P3.1.3

Tel Hai Academic College, Department of Environmental Sciences, Upper Galilee, 12210, Israel

Litaor, M. Iggy, Prof. -> mailto:litaori [at] telhai [period] ac [period] il +972 4 6900978 P1.2

University of Haifa, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies, Mount Carmel, Haifa, 31950, Israel

Malkinson, Dan, Dr. -> mailto:dmalk [at] geo [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il +972 4 8249616 P3.1.1
Cohen, Ronit, Dr. -> mailto:ronitc [at] geo [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il


Zogas, Alexander -> mailto:azogas [at] campus [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il

University of Haifa, Natural Resource & Environmental Research Center (NRERC), Mount Carmel, Haifa, 31950, Israel

Shechter, Mordechai, Prof. -> mailto:shechter [at] econ [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il +972 4 8249069 P3.2, P3.3
Rapaport-Rom, Mickey Michael -> mailto:mrom [at] study [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il +972 4 8249238 P3.2, P3.3
DiSegni, Dafna, Dr. -> mailto:disegni [at] nrem [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il +972 4 8288541 P3.2, P3.3
Shamir, Shiri, Dr. -> mailto:sshamir [at] ecib [period] haifa [period] ac [period] il P3.2, P3.3

Weizmann Institute of Science, Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research (ESER), Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Yakir, Dan, Prof. -> mailto:Dan [period] yakir [at] weizmann [period] ac [period] il +972 8 9344227 P4.2
Rotenberg, Eyal, Dr. -> mailto:eyal [period] rotenberg [at] weizmann [period] ac [period] il +972 8 9344227 P4.2
Klein, Tamir

PhD student

+972 8 9342072 P4.2


Hamberg, Dan, Dr. P 1.1, P 1.3, P2
Schwarz, Joshua P 1.1, P 1.3, P2
Gefen, Yaron P 1.1, P 1.3, P2
Kingston, Shushanna P 1.1, P 1.3, P2


Dreizin, Yoseph, Dr. P 1, P2
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